1947 Round Neck Set of 2 midnight

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1947 Round Neck Set midnight


The 1947 Round Neck T-Shirt is a piece from our Tubular Knit or circular knit series. Back in the days underwear such as T- shirts were made on old circular knitting machines until the 1970s. During production, a tube is knitted, which is then cut and provided with sleeves, etc. in further work steps.
The speciality about tubular knitting is that the shirts have no side seam. This increases the wearing comfort.
Per size it needs one machine which, from a modern point of view, make the old tubular knit machines very unprofitable.However, for us the old production approach is as important as the product iteself and therefore we are very proud to offer the genuine tubular knit shirts. The shirts are made for us in a small factory in Portugal and produced with great attention to detail.
The 1947 Round Neck is a typical 1940s fit. It is a slim fit with a round neck and shorter sleeves.
With a weight of 240g it is a heavyweight among T-shirts.
The shirts come in a set (2 pieces).

ATTENTION: Sizes XL and XXL are one size larger! Please observe the size chart.

The following details characterize our 1947 Round Neck Set:

- 100% cotton, 240 gsm
- made on old tubular knitting machines
- Round Neck
- Slim Fit
- Made in Portugal